Web Design Process

The Briefing

The first 60 minutes of the initial consolation is provided to new prospective clients at no cost – totally free of charge. There are time-limits.We are a full-service company, we do it all. This sessionis generally a time to meet and greet the project manager or entrepreneur seeking website design and development. At this time, we have an opportunity to get know the client, their competitors, their goals, their mission and vision. After we have collected sufficient data, and the prospective clients has agreed to our terms and conditions, we will provide you with the right products and tool to help ensure success. Following that, we will provide an exact quote for our services.

Design Conception – Job Evaluation

We will determine how long the job will take. This will generally involve client input up to some degree. During this stage, it is important to be realistic and to give each client want they want. It is also important to let each client know exactly how many pages the website will be. Before you and the prospective agree and sign an agreement for services we must know exact what the client want.

Take Action –Execute

Prior to execution, you must sign our service agreement. At that same, a 50% down payment is required before any work is started, then 30% upon approval of final design. The balance or the remaining unpaid is due upon completion or when site goes live. On this stage, we will request all your data with the images. If you don’t have data like example your company profile, we will help you develop with additional cost.

Delivery / Completion

This is generally known a Beta Test. At this point, your new website will be uploaded and installed to the web server. We copy all your website files to the server and setup everything necessary for your website to be on the internet. We configure your domain name and setup your email accounts if you have one. This is done a no additional cost to you. Once completed and upon your approval and the unpaid 50% balance owed is paid, your website will be launched.

Management / Maintenance

We recommend after the launch of your website that you hire us for ongoing website management. Our dedicated team is here to assist you with your custom programming needs. Back-end support and management. We offer a variety of services to help your website succeed to the next level. Whether its updating the website content, uploading images or adding new pages. Our website management takes care of all your website needs and allows your website to expand and keep growing your online reputation. We can also take care of all your social media campaign or email campaign.

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